What’s Your Elevator Pitch?
December 10, 2015

Inspired by the Live Your Legend Blogging Challenge.

What do you do? It’s that question you inevitably are asked early in a first time conversation. I most enjoyed it when I was travelling or had moved somewhere new where I was not going to stay. Suddenly my life could be magnified to epic proportions. The funny thing was that I often found that I became this person I had described. There is a concept that all actions happen twice, for something to happen you first have to think it. I am still not sure about this, however what I do know is that if I think something with any kind of conviction then it does often happen. To put this in some kind of context, I often found that my skiing would improve significantly during the off season. Why was this? I had not been practicing. The answer is that I am a selective dreamer, skiing is something I love to daydream about. I watch a ski movie and I find myself creating amazingly vivid pictures where I am carving big powder lines, I see my legs angulating as my upper body remains vertical, an aggressive athletic stance with my hands out in front and my shoulders parallel to the slope. I am also more likely to have these dreams in the summer when I cannot ski. The mere act of visualizing has been proven to have as much effect on performance as practice. Good to know. Most improvement occurs when athletes both visualize and practice.

So what do I do? Well I am at a fork in the road. I can tell you what I have been, instead I choose to tell you; rather like when I land in a new town, what I am becoming.

I am “where the fruit is” a company dedicated to helping parents find the joy in their family experience. I help families go outside into nature. I help them to have adventures. I help them to simplify and disconnect so that they can connect more fully as a family. I help parents to be intentional about their family life. I help parents become grandparents who laugh and share time with their children and grandchildren. By doing this I help children grow into leaders who care about community and the planet and act to make the world a better place.