What Difference Do You Want To Make?
December 11, 2015

Inspired by the Live Your Legend Blogging Challenge

Questions like this intimidate me. When I keep the answer inside then I am safe, I do not have to act. If I put it out into the world I am compelled to live it. I used this strategy when I decided to move to the States. It is frightening to sell everything and give up the comfort of what you know and leave it all behind to step into the unfamiliar. I made the decision in November and had to sell my house and board a plane by August. To make sure I did it I told everyone I knew and anyone else who would listen. I do not like being the “dickhead” who has dreams and tells everyone about them only to watch time float by.

Breathe Wil.

I want to see a world where social justice is a norm, where organizations recognize that the bottom line is not just fiscal and that we also have to consider the welfare of the planet and all the lifeforms that call it home. I want to see a world where we raise children to be conscious stewards who appreciate the responsibility they have for their actions. I want to see a world where people live in wonder and not fear.

The difference I will make is to help people see the silver lining in their clouds. I will engage people so that they throw out the concept of impossible and let their own magic shine brightly and consequently do things that blow their minds. I will hold a space so that parents are able to see what their kids are capable of. I will challenge parents to recognize that the time they have with their young children is too important to waste. I will expose the beauty of simplicity and the benefit of acquiring experiences over consuming stuff. I will support people as they transition from spinning a hamster wheel to showing up and grasping each day with passion because they know they will find fulfillment. I will help those people define their fulfillment. I will nurture and aid people who want to build community or leave our world a better place. I will bring more smiles, laughter and love into the world. I will help parents find the joy in their family experience.