What Revolution Will You Lead?
December 12, 2015

Inspired by Live Your Legend Blogging Challenge

Revolution is a strong word that implies a turn around of power or organizational structure. I like the fact that it also means to go full circle because the revolution I want to see does exactly that. I want to see families slow down, I want them to make time and spend it together. I want to see parents remove themselves and their children from technology and engage in natural settings where they can talk. I want them to participate in activities with uncertain outcomes where they find out who they truly are and what they are capable of. I want them to get dirty together, to make real decisions together. I want them to see the sun rise and set together, to watch the stars in each others company. I want them to work together, be it the frivolity of riding bikes to nowhere in particular, or building something that they will use regularly and when they do they will think of this time and smile. I want them to play together so they learn each others’ idiosyncracies and how the sound of their laughter is sweet. I want them to catch a fish or climb a mountain together and wonder at the possibilities layed out before them. I want parents to truly engage their children and reap the benefits. I want all children to recognize that they are an integral part of this planet and that everything is inter-related. I want them learn in the same way that indigenous populations have taught their off spring that the land is sacred. I want them to come to understand how nature provides what they need and that when they live in awe of it, study it and become part of it then it is welcoming. I want them to learn to love our planet so that they want to protect it and share its bounties in a way that does no harm.

I want families to grow gardens, so that they know what it is to feed themselves. I want them to raise a barn so that they know what it feels like to help others. I want children to learn to write their own narratives and then incorporate the lessons and warm feelings from their childhood into their life as an adult. I want these stories to be shared and spread.

I am happy to lead a revolution that inspires parents to seek simplicity and the intention of sharing a beautiful, love filled world with their children.

What revolution will you lead?