About Me

Version 2

Coach, professor, trainer, teacher, or instructor?  I have been all of them. One constant is that I use a combination of activity and reflection to create learning. Often high octane and yet balanced with time for meditation, I engage the audience in laughter, play, thought and behavioral experiments. Through games and stories I leverage the power of emotion to make sure that the message being shared is seen, heard and, most importantly, felt.

Here are some other random facts about me.

  • Born & raised in Wales I somehow reached Alaska with a wife (Kimberly), a son (Cai) and a lot of stories and adventures.
  • I am now back in Colorado and things I like to do include (middle)aging gracefully, and skiing (telemark) aggressively.
  • I have been an Outdoor / Adventure Educator for over quarter of a century.
  • I am happiest outdoors with a good view, good company, good weather / snow and the residue of self powered adventure; sweat, a manic grin and wild eyes.
  • I am one of just 600,000 – I am a (very rusty) Welsh Speaker
  • I was recognized by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate as designing and teaching exemplary courses.
  • I stayed with a hermit on a hill in Nepal.
  • I was elected Technology Fellow at the University of Alaska Anchorage and worked for a major computer manufacturer – interesting considering my stance on children and technology.

“Good teachers begin with high expectations for learners and struggle to meet those expectations in every instance. Too often the question is, “Is it practical?” when the question ought to be, “Is it passionate?” The given curriculum can be a guide or an obstacle, a framework or a hindrance, a resource or a barrier.”

William Ayers in To Teach: the journey of a teacher

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