About You

You cannot help it. You look at your FaceBook or Instagram feeds and see the perfect moments of other people’s lives and you want all your moments to look like that. The images of families out in nature particularly inspire you. You crave simplicity and you want your children to grow up in a safe and sustainable world.

You are intentional parents; people who want to find the joy in your family experience. You understand that parenting may be the single most important job you will do, it is where your legacy is most likely to thrive. You know you cannot make your children happy or suffer every set back for them yet you want to hold a safe and engaging space for them. You want to inspire your children to be leaders and work for the good of their community and planet. You recognize that young children are not ready to make a lot of choices and this is the job of the parent. You are willing to commit your time and energy to providing a structure and environment where your children have the opportunity and inspiration to flourish. You want your children to author their own biography rather than being a ghost writer for them. You want to teach your children how to be that author.

We are drawn to folk who recognize that we are at a tipping point and need to take action. People who want to eat healthy, natural food and know where it came from. People who recognize that the problems we see in the media; mass shootings, terrorism, war, global warming, environmental disasters, social injustice, fiscal distribution are all inter-related. Even more importantly they see how we as humans are all inter-related and every action we take has an effect on others. We love people who reflect on their actions in this context. We are inspired by those who recognize that enormous global change is the result of small consistent personal changes.

Finally, being outdoors, preferably in wilderness is what has shaped and guided us. You recognize the power of nature and adventure and want that to be a part of your life.

If this speaks to you please explore our site and offerings. If you have any questions or if we can help you please contact us.