Family Hut Trips: A Love Story
March 13, 2017

What do you want to know about hut trips? Please read this reflection and comment below. A Picture of Perfection: There is an image seared in my mind, part real and part predefined. Cai and I used to read a series of books by Holly Hobbie about two pigs called  Toot and Puddle. My favorite […]

I am giving you fair warning, I need a little aid developing my thoughts on adventure.  Consequently, there will a be a plea for your help at the end. Let me start with a little context. A case for adventure: Cai is a little different from his classmates. It is very evident when we are skiing. Skiing is something a lot […]

After last weeks article, we know that adventure is the feeling you gain from an uncertain outcome. We also know why adventure is important. The question becomes how do we incorporate it into raising our children. The fantastic part is that in most instances it will happen naturally when we get out of our own […]

Adventure & Holding a Space for our Children
October 2, 2016

“Adventure: the feeling you gain from an uncertain outcome.” A vision for the results of adventure: Picture this, your once young child is leaving for college. You swell with pride as you watch them go. This transition towards independence was both satisfying and easy. When you look at your offspring you see an accomplished and beautiful being. She is resilient, […]

Teaching Balance and Rhythm
September 11, 2016

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” Thomas Merton Finding Balance and Rhythm while commuting: Rhythm has played a part in all my best commutes and I am blessed that several were incredible. The ferry from Manley to the Sydney Opera House, skate skiing in Anchorage for four months […]

“Manipulation, fueled with good intent, can be a blessing. But when used wickedly, it is the beginning of a magician’s karmic calamity.”  T.F. Hodge   As a teacher I learned that while manipulation is a maligned tactic it is useful. I might go so far as to say it is an essential tool. When you desire your […]

Strong foundations are an important strategy in developing anything worthwhile. Standing on the top of Mt Audubon I was struck by the boys’ smiles. I had  dreamed of and prepared for this moment for years. The day my son reached a peak that involved multiple mountaineering skills. The boys weren’t the only ones with a grin […]

Parental Pride: Thoughts from Lost Creek
June 9, 2016

Do you ever look at your child and fill up with an overwhelming sense of pride? Of course there are moments when you feel that Pol Pot would beat you in a compassion competition but for the most part you take pride in being a good parent. You love your child and you would don a […]

Stories: Serious Sages for any Occassion
March 30, 2016

Stories have long been one of my secret weapons. It is often easier to make up a story than find an expert to communicate a particular message with my son. In particular I used them for preparing Cai for arduous adventures, ones where he needed to be braced and ready to reach deep within himself. […]