“Manipulation, fueled with good intent, can be a blessing. But when used wickedly, it is the beginning of a magician’s karmic calamity.”  T.F. Hodge   As a teacher I learned that while manipulation is a maligned tactic it is useful. I might go so far as to say it is an essential tool. When you desire your […]

Parental Pride: Thoughts from Lost Creek
June 9, 2016

Do you ever look at your child and fill up with an overwhelming sense of pride? Of course there are moments when you feel that Pol Pot would beat you in a compassion competition but for the most part you take pride in being a good parent. You love your child and you would don a […]

Cognitive dissonance. You know that feeling when a deeply seated belief you hold is shattered by new evidence? Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomena that occurs when there is a clash between beliefs or a belief and evidence. Let me tell you a story. The first time I went to the far North, I took a group […]

Elvis Costello and the (Law of) Attractions
April 28, 2016

Like Elvis Costello’s aim, every word of this story is true. Do you find the movie the Secret interesting but hokey? I do, and I have a lot of personal anecdotes that support it’s claims, however something does not quite sit right. So gather around and ponder on this tale, I would love to know […]

Stories: Serious Sages for any Occassion
March 30, 2016

Stories have long been one of my secret weapons. It is often easier to make up a story than find an expert to communicate a particular message with my son. In particular I used them for preparing Cai for arduous adventures, ones where he needed to be braced and ready to reach deep within himself. […]

First Published in Dirtbag Dreams. I love early season skiing in the backcountry, there is a stoke and uncertainty that accompanies it, and as always, a single moment can change everything. One minute I am flying through waist deep Berthoud Pass powder, the next I am staring uphill at my ski-less leg and I know it is […]