Simple is where it is at
January 11, 2016

As an adolescent one of the things I loved about rock climbing is that life is simple. You are either strong or you are weak. The weather is either kind or cruel. The rock is either solid or chossy. These are  all continuums and the likelihood is that life lies somewhere in between. The thing […]

When the Time is Right
December 30, 2015

Quite frankly I still cannot believe it. For Christmas we gave Cai something that has not lived in our house for over a decade. A TV. I am still reeling over the honking, great big screen, attached to a Wii, Apple TV, and soon a few local channels. Not only that, we tidied up a basement […]

What Revolution Will You Lead?
December 12, 2015

Inspired by Live Your Legend Blogging Challenge Revolution is a strong word that implies a turn around of power or organizational structure. I like the fact that it also means to go full circle because the revolution I want to see does exactly that. I want to see families slow down, I want them to […]