My How

I will help families slow down, make time and spend it together. I will help them to participate in activities with uncertain outcomes where they find out who they truly are and what they are capable of. I will help them get dirty together, and make real decisions together. I will inspire them to marvel at sun rises and sets together, to watch the stars in each others company. I will lead them to work together, be it the frivolity of riding bikes to nowhere in particular, or building something that they will use regularly and when they do they will think of this time and smile.

I will encourage them to play together so they learn each others’ idiosyncrasies and how the sound of each others’ laughter is so sweet. I will inspire them to catch a fish or climb a mountain together and wonder at all the other possibilities laid out before them. I will encourage parents to truly engage their children and reap the benefits. I will teach children to recognize that they are an integral part of this planet and that everything is inter-related. I will show them how to learn in the same way that indigenous populations did and the main lesson will be that the land is sacred. I will lead people to the understanding that nature provides what they need and that when they live in awe of it, study it and become part of it then it is welcoming.

I will encourage families to grow gardens, so that they know what it is to feed themselves. I will teach children how to write their own narratives and then incorporate the lessons and warm feelings from their childhood into their life as an adult. I will share beautiful stories of families who do these things and spread them as widely as I can. I will help people see the silver lining in their clouds. I will engage people so that they throw out the concept of impossible and let their own magic shine brightly and consequently do things that blow their minds. I will hold a space so that parents are able to see what their kids are capable of.

I will challenge parents to recognize that the time they have with their young children is too important to waste. I will assist parents in removing themselves and their children from technology and engaging in natural settings where they can talk. I will expose the beauty of simplicity and the benefit of acquiring experiences over consuming stuff. I will support people as they transition from spinning a hamster wheel to showing up and grasping each day with passion because they know they will find fulfillment. I will help those people define their fulfillment. I will nurture and aid people who want to build community or leave our world a better place. I will bring more smiles, laughter and love into the world. I will help parents find the joy in their family experience.