Choose measurable actions that breathe life into your plans, give yourself a timeline and hold yourself accountable to them

Cai’s Backpacking Checklistvery first gear checklist – we have used something like this since he was 4 years old. We incorporated it so he could gather and pack his own gear and he knew everything that we were both taking. Note we packed light. When you take 40lbs, your child takes 20lbs and he or she weighs 40lbs then you quickly have a 100b load if the child needs to be carried. I aimed for between 15-20lbs for me & less than 10lbs for Cai. Before gear checklists Cai had to help me pack, now he can create a spreadsheet!


My Top 5 Ultralight backpacking Tips – Michael Lanza has a great blog, full of useful information. Here is his quick and dirty on lightening the load. Backpacking parents need to consider this.