Define your values

Values in Action Survey – Hands down my favorite tool to help individuals figure out their values. If parents do this individually and then come together, share and focus on the values they have in common it is a really good starting point for defining a family “why”. The linked survey takes about 20 minutes.

Start With Why – Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why, is an easy read that simply breaks down what all good leaders, teachers and parents have always known. He was involved in advertising when he wrote it, however the message is translatable to any field. Watch the linked 18 minute TED talk as a good starting point.

Bury my heart at Conference Room B – Stan Slap is highly entertaining and very passionate, this is an exercise that to help you find your values. He also includes versions for your kids 8-12 and 13-18.

Mind tools Values Exercise – Another tool for defining your values, this one is good as a sharing exercise and helping to drive a conversation.

Advocates for Youth – What are my personal, family & community values? – A series of exercises for older children to help them think about values.

Shared Nature Experience as a Pathway to Strong Family Bonds – Not specifically a tool for finding your values, nonetheless this is a values laden synthesis of research of why you need to take children outside as part of your family experience.